Paper Mario

Fired up my GCN yesterday and started a new game in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. I've beat the game before, although I picked it out of my 30-odd library of GCN games to play through. Plus, I need to play an RPG.

The game is real fun; if you've ever played any Mario RPG, or if you just like Mario, you could like this game. Probably because it deviates from the standard, pick attack, pick enemy cycle you see in many RPGs. Not that that's a bad thing, although the Action Command adds some depth and keeps the battles interesting; but even then, after you learn to get the timing down, it can get slightly repititive.

But it's things like the Action Command that can change the flow of a fight. When I was fighting Cortez (the skeleton pirate), he had about 4 HP. So I had Goombella using a headbonk. Somehow, I missed the action command, and OH NOSE he counter-attacked and killed me, as I was in peril :/

In other news, more details on the Revolution are supposedly going to be revealed at some thing in Tokyo, at which Satoru Iwata is going to be at. REVO INFO?! YES!! Maybe. It's sometime in mid-september... the 16th I'll bet. I'd like Revo info. Download prices? Online details? The controller maybe? Please? I'm starting to hate Nintendo. Well, not really, I'm just losing the excitment I had over waiting for the Revo controller, y'know?


Another Day

It's a new day for this blog. I plan to post every day, or every other day. It's everything Game Maker, video game, computer, or me related. I also plan to advertise it now or something. So bye.